Simplast (short for Società Italiana Materie Plastiche - Italian Plastics Company) is the benchmark Italian Group for the advanced rotomoulding of plastics. It has been based in Montà d’Alba, in the northern Italian province of Cuneo, since 1973.

Set up following the expansion and consolidation of the original company, the Simplast Group comprises six divisions, each of which is specialized in a particular area of rotational moulding. Each division is equipped with the finest technology available on the market, and works in synergy with the other parts of the group to provide effective solutions with peerless standards of quality


  Simplast Snc is the Group’s founding company, set up in 1973 thanks to the intuition and pioneering entrepreneurial spirit of its architect, Vincenzo Lorenzin. Based in Piedmont in north-west Italy, in Località San Martino Nisocco on the outskirts of Montà d’Alba, Simplast Snc is also the Group’s holding company and organizational heart. Since 2001 it has handled all the group’s administrative services and co-ordinated the associated companies.



Nuova Simplast is the production engine, providing the dynamic and design interface for our clients. Nuova Simplast possesses the most advanced proprietary technology, and handles the project management, design, engineering and assembly process to cater for the most demanding requirements in terms of shapes, materials and applications. Based in Piedmont, in Località San Martino Nisocco, Montà d’Alba, Nuova Simplast has three operating units: two in Montà d’Alba, and one in Brignano Gera d’Adda, in the province of Bergamo. The sites in San Martino house the most advanced production machinery, and handle all the shared services: the quality department, workshop, technological laboratories, automatic batching systems, robotics and metrology room. The unit in Brignano is also fitted out with state-of-the-art machinery to supply customers in the vicinity.



Simplast Engineering has two production units. One is in Montà and the other in Malo, in Vicenza province, which is Simplast’s second technological centre, and is the focal point for supplying north-east Italy and a bridgehead for the German, Austrian and Eastern European markets. Simplast Engineering, which represents evolution in the industry, is equipped to serve and interface with new customers and new markets.




Lotoplast was established in 1992 in Pergine Valsugana. Production, originally focused on garden products, has today reached numerous manufacturing sectors, with high calibre quality and aesthetic results. The company is currently based in Caldonazzo (TN), where it is equipped with fully automated machinery able to ensure a top-level production process.



Established in 1996, Rotosea employs high-speed machines at the Montà d’Alba plant. Equipped with a robot for the manufacture of moulds and core-formers, it is ready to respond to the requests of the most the most demanding customers with maximum customization and attention to detail. 


  Magiplast is the Simplast Group’s creative core, the melting pot of ideas providing fertile terrain for the meeting of design and production. Magiplast also represents the female entrepreneurial spirit in the Group, with a management team made up entirely of women. Its high output machinery is capable of producing aesthetically high value articles, including street and home furniture, with unique pieces made working closely together with the biggest names in international design.


  Simplast India was established in 2007 in Greater Noida, one of Asia’s main industrial districts, 40km south-east of New Delhi. It is the first foreign subsidiary, strategically designed to conquer a market with enormous development potential. The success achieved by Simplast India in  less than 10 years can be measured in numbers: prestigious international customers, 3 rotomoulding machines, more than 200 thousand pieces produced every year. In 2016 Simplast India expanded with the creation of a new division in Chennai, in the south of the country.


  Simplast UK was established in 2018 in Sheffield, an important metropolitan and industrial borough in South Yorkshire, England. The aim of the new British division is to create an advanced rotomoulding company able to meet the demands of the UK market on the ground, and work in close cooperation with the Indian plants to raise awareness and promote the advantages of rotational moulding within the countries of the Commonwealth.




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